Randal Weeks’ distinctive designs often start with the simplest of elements – such as a 2×2 inch coloration on a fragment of wood he found on an antiquing trip or family vacation. “I will then aggressively set out to design something where I can incorporate that particular component. I have boxes of wood scraps in my garage that I envision will one day help create products with the refined elegance I strive for in every one of my designs.” Admittedly obsessed about achieving perfection throughout his collection, the Aidan Gray founder is the sole designer of this award-winning line. Here, he offers further insight into the journey that has brought the company into the High Design arena.

Q: How do you define high design?

“To me, it’s a very edited presentation, noted for its refinement and blending of different styles. It always comes back to the understatedness of the piece, coupled with the perfect finish that has probably gone through many iterations. I get excited about finishes and the critical role they play in being able to achieve a vintage look and feel in every product I design.”