Aidan Gray Continues to Tell its Design Story Through Exceptional Lighting

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With its core values focused on texture and finish, graceful lines and understated elegance, Aidan Gray continues to write a distinctive design statement. As one of its featured categories, lighting stands at the center of a presentation that strives to provide enchanted interiors and inspiring sanctuaries. Here, company founder and lead designer Randal Weeks, o ers an inside look at Aidan Gray’s lighting o ering for 2016.

How do you describe your company’s 2016 lighting presentation?

A mix of old world, European chandeliers blended with new sleek, re ned glass and wood  nishes with a nod to silver and gold. We are very diligently showing consumers how to blend the two styles in a fresh, new vibe.

Please elaborate on some of your key introductions.

We have taken a nod from the past – the crusty old  nishes – and updated them in gravitydefying shapes that blend both the wood gesso  nishes with metallic and plating techniques creating truly stunning transitional pieces. In addition, we are continuing the ever successful custom paper shade program giving customers the choice of shades to the bases we o er. Again, updated colors add a touch of re nement to any room in the look of a painted shade, but still maintain the elegance of yesteryear with the silver/gold blended combination on the inside.

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Refl ecting on the category’s performance in 2015, what trends stood out in lighting?

It’s extremely hard to tell because both our modern and traditional lines did well. Customers still desire and continue to buy our best sellers, our Italian and French-inspired chandeliers.  ey cannot get enough, and the more we introduce, the more they want. In the lamp category, we saw two areas of increase: Our hand blown modern lights with our painted shades raced to the top, as well as our diminutive collection where price was king, but the traditional Aidan Gray  nish was desired. Lastly, we introduced a small  oor lamp that could go anywhere. So small in scale, but o ers light on as little as a 6” x 6”  oor space, this one sold like hot cakes. It is a lot of understated elegance for the price.

How does your 2016 off ering showcase these trends?

We are getting ready to move into full scale photography to show retailers how to sell the transitional look without going too modern or too traditional.  at is key. And in preparation for High

Point, we are 100 percent focused on our new four-story showroom duplicating the same e ect. We are de nitely blurring the lines.

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Will your company be changing any of its marketing programs this year? How?

We are continuing to expand the brand and focus on what we do best, which is  nishes. We continue to hear from our customers that we are priced right, so we are focused in that area. But we will be working on improved color stories. Lastly, we are focused on options in the same style. In the past, we would introduce one light and it was what it was. No size options. Now we are looking at three sizes – the same light, but a small, medium and large so that any consumer at any price point or room size can fall in love with our style, and have the light they feel is right for them.

Any additional comments about lighting’s growing infl uence on the home décor market?

Lighting continues to be the hot trend because it says so much about the homeowner and their taste. Lighting sets the mood and anyone who has ever stayed in a cheap hotel with bad lighting knows exactly what I speak of. It’s all about lighting, from the chandeliers to the table lamps. People want to be seen in the right light, literally and  guratively. For more information, please visit