7 Small But Elegant Items to Decorate Your Garden

When talking about lawn ornaments, one may think plastic pink flamingos and jolly garden gnomes. But garden decorating items do not need to be tacky and tasteless. A small, well-designed object can add a tremendous amount of personality and elegance to an outdoor space. Before shopping for the right item, determine what kind of style you would like for your yard or garden. Is it romantic, manicured, modern, or whimsical? The objects you go for should complement and highlight the style of the whole space and house. Pick a garden decoration from the following list and add style and class to your yard.


  1. Sconces

Both beautiful and functional lights can entirely change the look of a yard. Place rustic sconces in your garden and add character both during the day and during the night. When entertaining outside after dusk, these sconces will brighten the space and give it an ethereal feel.


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  1. Sundial

If you want your garden to have a timeless look, go for a beautifully crafted sundial. A centrally-placed such item is a unique and impressive ornament, as it has a history of decorating stylish gardens for hundreds of years.


  1. Fountain

A simple spray is a garden classic, and it is usually an elegant decoration. The bubbling sounds are peaceful and relaxing, while the water will allure birds, adding color and life to the outdoor space. Fountains come in a wide variety of styles, so you can choose one that blends with the decorating style of your garden.

  1. Look East

If you want to give your garden a unique look that oozes sophistication, use Asian influences in the outdoor design and decoration. A small rock garden or Koi pond are beautiful additions that will provide serenity and Zen to your outdoor space. As an accent, a nice hand carved Buddha statue represents a touch of authenticity and is a timeless conversation piece. Tuck a small figure between shady plants, and your garden will suddenly feel like a hidden, serene temple that invites the owners and their guests to meditation and calm.

  1. Arbor or Trellis

A tastefully placed and well-maintained arbor or trellis may add a beautiful sense of order and manicure to a yard. Pick one that is pleasant to look at on its own, then watch how the vines add further beauty as they grow. Entering a garden through a leafy, flowering trellis gives a look of a secret, romantic place. Plus, a full wooden trellis will make the outdoor space feel rustic, offering a French countryside vibe.

  1. Topiary

Nothing adds elegance to a lawn like a carefully shaped topiary in a rustic style urn. Fear not, hours of careful shaping and trimming are not needed when you use a frame! These Twist Topiary Frames are small and just eerie enough, while still adding style and refinery to the look of your lawn. Place them around doors or along garden paths, and they will create the elegant look of a manicured English garden.

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Animal Statue

  1. Animal Statue

Sometimes, a whimsical little statue is just what a garden needs. The good news is that not all garden statues are little gnomes with bright red hats. An icon can bring peace and charm to your space. Go for one that is unique, using high-quality materials, while still being small enough to blend in with the style of your yard, without actually overpowering it.

An elegant garden can be home to unique and stunning works of art like this pair of Crane Statues. Stylish and water-resistant, these items can also be a symbol of happiness, fortune, and longevity – a signification that you might want your home to have for guests too, inducing them a state of peace and calm they will certainly appreciate.

7 small but elegant items to decorate your garden

Curated items in your lawn or garden can set it apart from all of the rest, while still having a word to say in influencing the general vibe. A thoughtfully chosen piece can set the feel of your outdoor space, bringing beauty and style. Go for objects like the ones we listed above and emphasize the style of your garden. See how easy it is to make the right decorating choices for your home and garden design.