10 decorating ideas to make your house look vintage

If you want to enhance the style of your home and create a stunning environment, you can incorporate vintage items into your personal space. The rustic and antique pieces will add charm to the house and create a customized setting that looks elegant and timeless. If you aim to make your room seem old fashioned and cozy, there are a few decorating ideas that will make it look professionally designed.

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Silhouette Collection 2
Silhouette Collection 3

  1. Make a Silhouette Collection

Decorate your walls with an image collection by grouping different profile photos together. This is easy to implement, and it models past decades and helps you remember precious moments with loved ones. Use different styles and colors of frames for each print and you will create an eclectic style that looks anything but uniform and dull.

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Old Suitcases Ideas 2
Old Suitcases Ideas 3

  1. Stack Old Suitcases

Make a coffee table or a nightstand out of old stacked suitcases. This will help you create an out-of-the-ordinary item in the room that you may also use to store personal belongings and other items of choice. Place a small lamp, some colorful books, or large candles on the nightstand and you will have a functional piece that perfectly blends in with the surrounding decor.

  1. Hang Shutters

Old shutters can be hung on the walls to frame an art piece or placed on the fireplace mantle along with other vintage decorations. You can even put them on a desk to hold various pictures or use them to keep your mail near the front door. This decoration idea needs items you already own, but it will immediately add a personal, vintage touch to the home interior design.

  1. Use a Mantle Headboard

Transform an old fireplace mantle into a bedroom headboard and get an exclusive look that adds extra personality and uniqueness to your decor. You can weather down the paint by sanding it and can then use it to hold fresh flowers, picture frames, or candlesticks. Opt for muted colors, for this will allow the different collectibles to blend in with one another.

  1. Collect Old Light Bulbs

Create a unique display on a shelf in your room by collecting old light bulbs that have various color shades and shapes. However, this can work as one of the main focal points in a dining room when placed as a centerpiece on a table. Use light bulb holder bases to display each bulb and create a stunning decoration piece that nods to past decades.

  1. Incorporate Mason Jars

Mason jars are some of the most classic items to go for when decorating your home in a vintage style. Mason jars can hold flowers on a coffee table or used as a storing item for buttons or stamps. You can even serve wine in these old canning jars. When hosting a party, place old luggage tags around them, label the content or assign the drinks to each guest and make the gathering fruitful and amusing.

  1. Use Glass Bell Jars

An incredible way to draw attention to a unique item in the room is to place it under a glass bell jar, thus protecting it from dust. Glass bell jars add extra appeal and value to the items that they’re placed over and can be arranged on a nightstand or a vanity. Consider putting a candle or a seasonal thing underneath and add extra luxe and elegance to the entire home. They can even be used as a terrarium or to protect a small decorating arrangement. Use multiple glass bell jars to create an eclectic design on a fireplace mantle or a console table in an entryway.

  1. Make Use of Wooden Crates

According to bhg.com, wooden crates are a classic design piece for homes decorated in an antique style. They are used as a table or can even be mounted on the wall to hold towels, picture frames, or fruit. You can even add a cushioned top on the bottom of the crate for a unique seating area or as a place to rest your feet. Multiple wooden boxes can also be secured together to create a large coffee table and to hold blankets, games, or decor items in the living room.

  1. Hang Weathered Planks

As midwestliving.com claims, you can go for weathered planks by mounting them on the walls and using them as shelves to hold personal belongings. The weathered detail of each shelf will set the style of the room and can hold teacups, books, and antique decorations. You can even hang the shelves above each other for a dramatic look that works as one of the main focal points in the room. Consider placing it on a couch or a desk to fill in the blank and empty spaces in the chamber.

  1. Incorporate Old Windows

Old windows from flea markets or antique stores have plenty of character and can be used in a variety of ways. Hang them on the wall for features that can work as art items. You can even place an old window on a small table next to a couch or bed to hold personal belongings with a unique tabletop.
These are ten small changes you can do today to add a vintage touch to your house or room. You only need a few items that will help you create your cozy, elegant style of choice.